Kane Brothers was approached by the owners of this penthouse to design an alternative to their existing water feature that had fallen into disrepair and was causing damage in the home. They wanted to keep a water element but one that was perhaps more subtle and one that would not pose a problem in the future. Additionally, the homeowners wanted a simple but refined design that was low maintenance but artistically interesting.

Inspired by the Chinese art of miniature landscape, Penjing, Kane Brothers developed an interior garden utilizing the terraced basins of the water feature that provides an artful transition living space to passageway. Moss islands dot crushed granite seas as large weathered mountains protrude from vegetated island. A waterfall spills from a mountaintop past bonsai and tropical plants. A custom bamboo screen lines the highest terrace directing the visitor through the home. Beautiful orchids stand as sculptural pieces in custom planter settings, reinforcing the simple structural beauty of the space.