Located on the Fox River in Illinois, this unique waterfall design pumps water vertically from the river nearly 30 feet before sending it cascading over the waterfalls back into the river from which it came. The waterscape made use of an otherwise useless riverfront property – prior to the waterfall and decking, the slope was too steep to navigate, and thus unusable.

By utilizing aeration, circulation and nutrient removal via aquatic plants, a waterfall landscape was created that actually returns the water to the river cleaner than it was removed. The four levels of decking offer multiple unique and dramatic views of the falls and river. Visitors can traverse across the waterfalls via raised stone pathways, or step off the pathway into the falls to cool off on a hot summer day.

Subsequently, the property has become a popular destination for many boaters on the river. By creating a local landmark attraction on otherwise unusable land, the water feature has increased the value of the property significantly.  With waterfall construction having been completed over 12 years ago, the owner of this property is as elated now as the the first day of completion.   Selecting Kane Brothers Water Feaures as thewaterfall contractor was, and continues to be,  a guarantee of a quality, high impact waterfall.