Kane Brothers was contacted by the producers of the 2009 Chicago Flower and Garden show, at the behest of Mayor Richard M. Daley, to represent the National Museum of Mexican Art with a unique garden exhibit. The title of the garden, Del Agua Viene la Vida,  translates to, “From Water, Comes Life.”

A different water feature anchored each quadrant of the space. Original paintings were created for the garden by Mexican contemporary muralist Hector Duarte. Colored by the work of Mexican architects, artists and culture, the garden feature four unique spaces thematically linked together.

From within a contemporary fireplace, water cascaded into a reflecting pool. The footpath passed under a crumbling aqueduct that spilled into a shaded pond. A dry-stacked stone wall arched over a drying stream, and a simple rill channeled water from a sculptural stone spout.