Rainy day? Can’t enjoy the outdoors?
Bring the outdoors inside!

For over 20 years Kane Brothers Water Features has installed custom water features across the nation. From backyards to foyers, fountains to koi ponds,hardscapes to dramatic lighting, Kane Brothers has a wide spectrum of experience, including installing a custom waterscape inside a public greenhouse found in Joliet, IL. The waterfall, surrounded by tropical vegitation, flows with tranquility into a smaller basin below it, allowing the pool of water to trickle the overflow into a larger koi pond where the public can enjoy the beautiful view of swimming koi. The surrounding path allows visitors to view the feature from many different angles, including the rear of the waterfall.

If you are looking for a peaceful place, scouting for a little adventure, or finding a little piece of the outdoors while it is raining, a place like Bird Haven Greenhousein Joliet is the perfect place to enjoy and experience something new! It is open 8:00 am to 4:30 pm seven days a week (excluding holidays).

Make sure to check out our water feature design while you are there and enjoy the rest of what Bird Haven Greenhouse has to offer!

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