Todays Tip focuses on Aquatic Plants and Water Quality.

It seemed fitting to expand on this with our Top 5 Reasons why aquatic plants are essential to the health of your pond.
Top 5 Reasons Aquatic Plants are Essential to the Health of your Pond:

1. Adding a variety of aquatic plants (hardy or tropical depending on location) will improve and enhance water clarity.

Aquatic plants will reduce the amount of toxic heavy metals and absorb nutrients that feed algea through its natural filtration system.
Just call it your hands-free automatic aquatic pond vaccum!

2. Aquatic plants provide shade to the surface of the water.
Controlling the amount of direct sunlight is critical for controlling algea.
Fish also use this shade as protection from potential preditors in the area.

3. Plants are usually found and installed near the edge of the pond.
For (non-lined) natural ponds the plants act as a barrier reducing the amount of shoreline erosion.
(Custom-made ponds usually use liners to prevent shoreline erosion)

4. Aesthetically, aquatic plants accent harsh stonework.
Placing plants near stonework allows the stone to become apart of the pond, giving it a natural protective apperance.

5. Adding plants such as Hornwort will offer higer oxygen levels.
Oxygenating the water helps clearify and make a healthier living enviornment for fish as well.
(Tip: When it comes to buying specific aquatic plants research what is appropriate for your geographical climate.)


If you have any questions, need suggestions, or want additional information for what aquatic plants are right for your pond contact us at or call us at (630) 794-9180.

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