Algae control is one of the top reasons clients call us for pond maintenance services. Algae growth is inevitable and believe it or not it can be healthy for your pond. However, too much development creates an unbalanced system creating an unflattering greenish tint, filtration issues, and a negative impact on the health of your fish.

Here is what you need to know to keep that algae to a minimum.

There are two common types of algae:

Planktonic Algae – This type of algae is what makes your water look green. These particles can be so small that sometimes the algae can not be filtrated out.

Filamentous Algae – This type of algae is known as ‘pond scum’ and ‘pond moss’. These particles are large and can double in size within a day depending on weather conditions.


Planktonic Algae- Because particles are so small, filtration will not necessarily clear your pond. Adding an algaecide is the easiest and quickest way to fix this problem. If you have fish avoid using copper-based algaecides. Large amounts of copper is extremely harmful to fish.

Filamentous Algae- Algaecides will help remove some of this algea. However, if you have a build up on rocks, it is a good idea to remove it all so that it will not continue to grow. Scrub and rinse algae off rocks before using an algaecide. Do not forget to skim out the excess algae on the sides of your pond as well. If you keep up your maintenace you shouldn’t have a problem with large build ups.


Keeping your maintenance up, whether it is weekly or bi-weekly, is critical for a successful long term solution. If you live around the Chicagoland area and need maintenance please contact us. We would be happy to help!

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