“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” – Loran Eisley, The Immense Journey, 1957

Water is life. Throughout history, little else has been so compelling, and so influential as water. We are inextricably connected to it and inherently compelled to be near it. In its calm body we find repose ; through its movement we harness energy; and through its beauty we find art.

Working with such an essential element is central to a Kane Brothers environment. By utilizing water’s inherent emotional gravity, we create evocative spaces that communicate on a fundamental level that transcends their aesthetic beauty. If art is truly the creation of beauty, as Waldo Emerson once said, then water must surely be the world’s purest art form.



At the heart of every Kane Brothers project is a collaborative team of innovative and highly trained professionals. Drawing on a broad and deep well of interdisciplinary knowledge, our comprehensive approach has earned us national acclaim for our ability to develop unique solutions that stand out in ingenuity and impeccable beauty.

Kane Brothers, Inc. caries several tenets that guide each project we approach. We believe that through the aggregate of thoughtful client interaction, comprehensive team development, perpetual education, and high attention to detail, we can offer our clients compelling environments and features that will stand the test of time.



Founded in 1994 by brothers Frank and Chris Kane, Kane Brothers, Inc. has always been family-owned and operated. Since its inception, Kane Brothers, Inc has progressed into a full service design, build, and maintenance firm revered for its creation of unique garden environments with an emphasis on the natural beauty and power of water.

Today, the firm continues to grow under the culture established by the founding brothers. By promoting education, research, and fostering artistry, Kane Brothers continually steers the state-of-the-art in our industry. With Chris and Frank’s continued involvement and dedication to the success of their projects, the company has earned its stellar reputation, as well as numerous local, national, and international awards. From their home office in Illinois, they continue to design and install distinctive gardens throughout the nation.

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Whether needing consult on a planned feature, design of a natural swimming pool, existing water feature maintenance, or even full site development, let us know how we can be of assistance in moving your project forward.

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